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Most manufacturers require different levels of compressed air quality in different parts of the plant from variable dewpoints to oil free air or acceptable levels of solid particles. Many manufacturers will install equipment that provides the entire plant with the lowest dewpoint, oil free air or low solid particle count. This can lead to very high operating and maintenance costs.

We can provide advice & products to improve your compressed air quality in the following areas:

  • How to achieve the appropriate level of dryness throughout your plant – without high levels of wasteful purge air
  • How to achieve oil free air without an oil free compressor  – without the high capital & maintenance cost of an oil free compressor
  • How to remove all contaminants with the lowest possible pressure drop – and save significant energy costs
  • How to remove condensate without any compressed air loss – and save significant energy costs
  • How to remove oil from compressor condensate allowing you to discharge condensate to sewer – and meet your environmental and legal obligations

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Compressed Air Assessment Sevices

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