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Compressed-air condensate often consists of 99% water and 1% oil. Therefore, on-site processing of the oil-contaminated condensate by means of ÖWAMAT® oil-water separating systems is always preferable to cost-intensive disposal via specialist companies.

Only the original filters guarantee the reliable and cost-effective function of the ÖWAMAT®: OEKOSORB replacement filters made by BEKO. Using these, you will meet all regulations of the relevant acts.

Stable emulsions of oil-contaminated condensate or industrial waste waters cannot be processed by oil-water separating systems. With BEKOSPLIT®, the independent, particularly cost-effective processing is possible and useful for every company.

Öwamat oil/water separators
Bekosplit oil/water emulsion
Öwamat oil/water separators
Clean & safe oil / water separation.
New with double efficiency and double filter life.
Bekosplit oil/water emulsion
splitting plants for the reliable,
economic and environmentally
friendly treatment of emulsions

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