Compressed Air Measurement Survey and Analysis

Struggling with escalating energy costs and inefficient operations?

Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy used by manufacturers. The old saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” remains true today.

Discover the solution you’ve been searching for with Basil V.R. Greatrex’s specialized Compressed Air Measurement services.

What our measurement service offers:

Accurate Measurements: We can provide both temporary &/or permanent measurement equipment to suit your requirements. Our equipment can measure compressed air flow, air compressor power consumption, system pressure and moisture content.

Comprehensive Reports and Analysis: Our measurement reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your compressed air system’s performance. Data gathered from our measurement services will allow you to generate a true cost of compressed air for your site, validate /justify energy reduction projects and capital purchases as well as help troubleshoot problems as soon as they arise.

Energy and Cost Insights: Receive actionable insights into energy consumption patterns and cost- saving possibilities tailored to your unique operational requirements.

Don’t let your compressed air system drain your resources. Trust Basil V.R. Greatrex to measure and analyze for peak performance.

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